Health transformation plan: Goals achievement in Nemazee hospital

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Introduction: The main purpose of this study was to assess fulfillment of goals about “Health Transformation Plan (HTP) of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education” from the perspective of managers, which is as one of the most important management challenges in the Health System Reform Plan. These goals included six packages determined by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, the fulfillment of each of which one was evaluated separately as sub-goals in the current study. Finally, the rank of each package in comparison to other packages was determined and presented, using means rank test (Friedman test).Method: This study was conducted using a questionnaire in which comments of the senior and middle managers of Nemazee hospital were collected as the research data. Due to the fact that about one year has passed since the beginning of implementation of HTP and since there were no documented methods or questionnaires, the researcher designed a self-made questionnaire. The basis of designing the questionnaire was the set of guidelines developed for Health System Reform Plan. These guidelines include goals that a hospital should achieve during implementation of Health System Reform Plan. After sharing these goals with senior and middle managers of Nemazee hospital (as the place of research), they were converted to a questionnaire including 20 questions. The questionnaire included the goals that must be achieved in Nemazee hospital of Shiraz during the implementation of the plan. After designing the questionnaire, a preliminary test was taken to assess the reliability.Results: Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (0.88) showed a high rate of reliability in the above questionnaire. After the final data collection, the questionnaire was tested in a sample of 100 senior and middle managers; the results showed that about six packages were specified by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. The majority of respondents (about 57%) believed that the HTP has greatly achieved its goals, and about 43% of them believed that the success of this plan was average.Conclusion: In ranking among the six main packages which was considered as sub-goals of this plan, the results showed that the studied packages were ranked respectively as follows: Package number 1, Package number 2, Package number 6, Package number 3, Package number 5 and Package number 4.Keywords: Health System Reform Plan, Ministry of Health, Hospital, Managers

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