Development of an Electronic Information System for the Management of Laboratory Data of Tuberculosis and Atypical Mycobacteria at the Pasteur Institute in Côte d’Ivoire

Constant J Koné, Assata Touré, Mathias K N’Dri, Raymond Nguessan, Man-Koumba Soumahoro


Introduction: Tuberculosis remains a public health problem despite all the efforts made
to eradicate it. To strengthen the surveillance system for this condition, it is necessary to
have a good data management system. Indeed, the use of electronic information systems
in data management can improve the quality of data. The objective of this project was to
set up a laboratory-specific electronic information system for Mycobacteria and Atypical
Methods: The design of this laboratory information system required a general understanding
of the workflow and the implementation processes in order to generate a realistic model. For
the implementation of the system, Java technology was used to develop a web application
compatible with the intranet of the company. The impact and the acceptability of the use of
the system on the running of the laboratory were evaluated using Likert scale.
Results: The system in place has been in operation for about 12 months, in conjunction with
the paper registers. Since then, 4811 requests for examinations concerning 6083 samples have been registered. The results of analysis of 3892 patients were printed from the Laboratory information system. In order to produce tuberculosis drug resistance reports and laboratory performance reports, dashboards have been developed.
Conclusion: The system has been adopted by the staff because of the time and efficiency
gained in managing laboratory data. However, obtaining an optimized tool will only be done
in a cycle of sustained improvement.
Keywords: Clinical laboratory information systems, Public health, Tuberculosis

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