: Aim & Scope & indexing

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Aim & Scope & indexing

Journal of Health Management & Informatics (JHMI) presents cutting edge research that provides readers with a forecast for new management thoughts and techniques. All articles published in the journal should strive towards empirical and/or theoretical contribution. All empirical methods including (but not limited to) qualitative, quantitative, or combination methods are represented. Articles published in the journal are clearly relevant to applied management theory and practice and identify both a compelling practical management issue and a strong theoretical framework for addressing it.

Participants will be afforded an opportunity to demonstrate their involvement and interest in the; what, where, when, who and why of current and forward-looking theory and practice in Applied Management

As a guideline Papers and Applied Case Studies are welcomed in any of the following areas:

Strategic Management; Services Management; Health Service Management; Education Management; Operations Management; Organizational Analysis; Financial Management; Organizational Planning; Policy Making and Decision Making; Ethics in Business; Motivation; Globalization; Training and Development; Recruitment and Selection; Industrial Relations; Virtual Technology; Change Management; Business Accounting Initiatives; Partnership Development; Organizational Behavior; Flexibility; Economics; Human Resource Management; Problem Solving; Quality Management; Innovation & Enterprise; Corporate Social Responsibility; Health Information Management; Medical Informatics; Health Informatics; Health Information Technology (HIT); Health Information System;     Data Mining, Bioinformatics; Telemedicine,Clinical Decision Support Systems, e-Health ,Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Health Record (EHR), Expert System,Artificial Intelligence in medicine.

JHMI seeks to afford a suitable conduit of two-way delivery serving both academics and management practitioners alike. The journal’s editorial team is suitably enthused in affording support to practitioners in pursuance of academic qualification the opportunity to present their empirical findings in articled format. The premise being to add value to both the individual learning process and the organization supporting/sponsoring said process.

JHMI  invites all faculty members, students and researchers to submit their invaluable articles related to the aim and scope of the journal to be processed  in the shortest period of time.


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