Citation and Content Analysis of Journal of Health Management and Informatics in 2014-2016

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Background: The aim of citation and content analysis is to improve the quality of scientificproductions, identify the authors’ trends, etc., and finally provide solutions to improve thepresent status. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the citation and contentstatus of Journal of Health Management and Informatics in 2014 -2016.Methods: This is a descriptive cross-sectional study performed in 2016. The study populationwas all published articles in 2014-2016. Data gathering was done through a self-madechecklist including content (corresponding authors affiliations, type of articles, studymethod, financial support, topics, collaboration rate, etc.) and citation analysis (number ofreferences), language of references, type of references and half life time of references). Data were abstracted and reported based on the research objectives using Excel software v 2007 and descriptive statistics.Results: The results showed that from all 67 papers surveyed, 82.08% of the published articles were original ones, and 98.5% were done through team works. 82.10% of the references were in the English language and 79.17% of them were journal articles. The half-life of the references used by authors was 9.70 years.Conclusion: It is suggested that journal authorities should supervise the resources used bythe authors; they should also provide context for encouraging the authors to publish articlesresulting from research projects and theses.Keywords: Bibliometric, Content analysis, Citation analysis

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